Ocean State Job Lot

Traffic Department
**NOTICE: New Chargeback Policy will be implemented starting 9-8-14**

All Vendors must complete the RTS Process prior to requesting an appointment.
Please visit https://tpe.osjl.com printable guide below.

Prepaid Carriers use Prepaid Freight Delivery Appointment Form below.

All e-mails must have the PO number in the subject line.

Questions on the RTS process should be sent to rts@osjl.com
OR you can call (401) 295-2672 and dial extension 1042 or 1106.

See printable instructions below.

Reference Documents:
-Ocean State Job Lot Shipment Guidelines
-Ocean State Job Lot Chargeback Policy
-Ocean State Job Lot Chargeback Rate Schedule
-Ocean State Job Lot TPE Vendor Guide
-Ocean State Job Lot RTS Request Form
-Ocean State Job Lot TPE Carrier Guide
-Ocean State Job Lot Store Listings
-Ocean State Job Lot Prepaid Freight Delivery Appointment Form